Must-see films for staying out of the heat

Has the heat turned you into an indoor cat? Me too. While hiding from this unbearable heat – I have composed a list of must-see films at your fingertips (Netflix, Shomi, iTunes) that are sure to keep you entertained until our weather remembers that we live in Canada and it’s called the Great White North…

The Buzz – Cheap Dates

Love can be wonderful, exciting, fun, annnnddddd expensive. According to a new report by, the average cost of love in 2015 is a whopping $50,339.21! As listed in this handy-dandy infographic, the combined cost of one year of dating, a one-year engagement, and the average Canadian wedding, totals to that pretty hefty price tag.…

Pinteresting – Love

It’s all about love. The feeling, the moments, the words, the possibility and the fun. Here are my top 5 pins that celebrate love:

love 2 love1 love3

love5 love4



 With over 4 million Pinterest followers, Paula Coop McCrory is commonly known as the “Pinterest Queen.” Every Friday Paula will tell us what she finds Pinteresting.

The Buzz – Invisible Boyfriend

Invisible Boyfriend launched on Monday, and we’re… well… creeped out. The online service claims to offer “real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship.” For $25 a month, you will receive 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and one handwritten postcard from you Invisible Boyfriend. All in an effort to prevent the sad glances from your…

what’s the buzz?

  This morning’s office playlist included a few old school crooners and romantic ballads. As Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong serenaded us we wondered, where in Toronto evokes the same feelings of “La vie en rose”? We decided to round up a couple romantic places in the city to take your love. 1. Dinner and a stroll in The Distillery Historic District First head over to Pure…