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In Get Press Now you will discover:

The Tools PR Pros Use to Get Instant Coverage

Start working like the pros. Discover the tricks every PR vet uses to position, and land, their story via an easy to follow cheatsheet.

Proven Templates to Ensure Results

​Don't know how to make a press kit? With templates for media plans, media lists, pitch letters and press releases we've got you covered.

Practical, Step-by-Step Guides

​Unsure where to start? We walk you through what steps to take based on the size of your project, and your ultimate publicity goals.

Secrets to Successful Pitches Straight From the Mouths of Journalists

No more guesswork. Through 7 Q&A's with some of the industry's top journalists find out the keys to getting coverage straight from the source.

The Anatomy of a Story

Learn to reverse engineer a story to become a pitching pro.

How to Story Hunt

Learn how to mine your business for the stories journalists really want.

What is News?

​Learn how to think like a journalist and skyrocket your chances of getting media coverage.

The Keys to Editorial Calendars

Learn the inside secrets of when it's best to pitch media.

How to speak like a PR pro

Get a complete breakdown of industry terminology with our glossary of key terms.

What is PR?

​Get a fundamental understanding of what PR is, what it can do for you, and how you can use it maximize your ROI for your business.