Pinteresting – Love

It’s all about love. The feeling, the moments, the words, the possibility and the fun. Here are my top 5 pins that celebrate love:

love 2 love1 love3

love5 love4



 With over 4 million Pinterest followers, Paula Coop McCrory is commonly known as the “Pinterest Queen.” Every Friday Paula will tell us what she finds Pinteresting.

Get Out – Feb. 13-19

More Progress, more TBFF, more music, more film… there’s lots more to do this week in Toronto! Friday, Feb. 13 Have a late night at Long Winter It’s been a long winter already, but fortunately some of the best artists and vendors in the city are banning together to stay warm. With performances from Bruce…

Penpals – Wayne Leung

  Penpals is a column where our friends in the media write us a letter and fill in some blanks. Today’s Penpal is Wayne Leung,  a writer/editor, and a devotee of the theatre and performing arts. He has been the Managing Editor of Mooney on Theatre for the past four years. By day, he works on…

Get Out – Feb. 6 – 12

Progress, Toronto Black Film Festival, and light bondage… it’s going to be a fun week in Toronto! Friday, Feb. 6 Watch a Marathon Combining dance, text, theatre and grueling physicality, Progress’ Marathon follows three performers as they run in a circle, struggling to continue. Personal and political, this is a highly anticipated piece at Progress,…

Fatties – PB&J

Fatties, today we’re talking about a comfort food you’ve been eating since childhood. If you’re anything like us, peanut butter and jam is still a staple. Be honest. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s delicious. Salty and sweet, here are some of our favourite variations on the age old classic: 1. Glory Hole Doughnuts: their PB&J donut…

Pinteresting – Fringe

The beauty and versatility of fringe and fashion, are at this peak. From handbags to boots, fringe is everywhere. From bangs to skirt edges, here are my top 5 pins that frame why we should all invest:  ——————————— With over 4 million Pinterest followers, Paula Coop McCrory is commonly known as the “Pinterest Queen.” Every…